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Who is Tri-County Communications?

Tri-County Communications is a Motorola Premier Service Partner and an Authorized Two-Way Radio dealer with offices in Oneonta and Binghamton, NY and serving upstate New York and Northeast Pennsylvania. Our products and services include fire pagers, onsite paging, two-way radio, microwave radio, GPS & Location Services as well as radio, site, tower and pager repair.

By being a Certified Service Center partner, we demonstrate quality and excellence to provide you with the best technical and customer service available. We have a variety of Airtime Solutions including CR and Trunking Repeaters.

Since 1976, Tri-County has offered hi-tech and affordable communication solutions using two-way, paging, and wireless data. Utility companies, municipalities, emergency management departments and others have come to rely on Tri-County to maintain the communication infrastructures that are critical for their delivery of life support services. Emergency Service Squads depend on us to supply and service their radio communications gear. Government agencies, schools and businesses across the United States have turned to our expertise for effective and affordable wireless solutions. When it comes to wireless, you can count on us to keep you in touch.

To learn more about Tri-County’s history of being Premier Service Partner and part of the Certified Service Center, please view our Credentials.


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