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GPS II Remote Speaker Microphone (Rugged)

GPS II Remote Speaker Microphone (Rugged)
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Brand: Motorola Solutions
Model: HMN4113

Officers on a high-speed car chase, border patrol agents on high alert. During times of danger, dispatchers need to know the exact location of personnel to keep a close watch on their safety. And during emergencies, they need to find the closest responder to send quickly to the incident.

Our GPS II Remote Speaker Microphones are engineered to significantly improve safety and response time. With increased accuracy to within 15 meters - 95% of the time - and recommended system polling rates as low as 30 seconds, they automatically track your people by satellite anywhere outdoors.

Our GPS II RSMs utilize power directly from the radio so they never have to be charged separately.
This intrinsically safe model meets ultra-rugged, water submersible specs.


Volume Control: Yes
Windporting: Yes
Intrinsic Safety Standard: FM
Emergency Button: Yes
GPS: Yes
Submersible: Yes
Channel Selector: Yes