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VHF Stubby Antenna - 155-174 MHz
Model: PMAD4013A
Stubby Antennas are ideal when the radio is worn on the belt because the short antenna is non-obt..
Tri-Chemistry Single Unit Charger Base
Model: PMLN5228
This product is a Tri-Chemistry Single Unit Charger Base. ..
Small Custom Earpiece - Right Ear
Model: RLN4760A
Multi-Unit Charger
Model: RLN6309
Allows drop-in charging for up to six radios and/or batteries from a single outlet. Also provides..
IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger
Model: WPLN4212
Innovative charging and reconditioning system that streamlines and automates battery maintenance...
UHF/GPS Combination Stubby Antenna - 440-490 MHz
Model: PMAE4070
UHF/GPS combination stubby antenna for the 440-490 MHz range. Stubby antennas are ideal when the ..
Power Cable with 10A Fuse
Model: GKN6270
Vehicular adapters detect the chemistry of a portable battery and select the optimum charging met..
Black Surveillance Kit with Extended-Wear Comfort Piece
Model: RLN5315A
This surveillance kit includes an extended-wear comfort earpiece with rubber eartip and quick-dis..
Lightweight Headset
Model: AARMN4031
This lightweight headset provides high-clarity, hands free, discreet two-way communication, while..
Earpiece with Microphone
Model: BDN6774A
Comfortable for extended wear, this compact and durable accessory allows users to receive communi..
Ear Microphone System
Model: PMLN5464
The streamlined Ear Microphone System picks up sound through bone vibrations in the ear canal, gi..
Large Clear Comfortable Earpiece - Right Ear
Model: RLN4762
The clear, comfortable earpiece forms to the inside of the ear and is perfect for low-noise envir..
Urban Through-Hole Mount Antenna - 403-430 MHz
Model: HAE4002
This is a UHF, ΒΌ Wave, black roof mount antenna. The signals for these antennas are radiated vert..
GPS/VHF Through-Hole Mount Antenna - 162-174 MHz (MotoTRBO)
Model: RAD4217
This a GPS/VHF - 162-174 MHz 1/4 wave, through-hole mount antenna that combines GPS and VHF capab..
VHF Stubby Antenna - 150-161 MHz
Model: PMAD4025
Short, non-obtrusive stubby antennas are ideal for radios worn on the belt. This rugged, 3.5-inch..