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Mototrbo Applications

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  Alarm Control System (ACS) Alarm Control System (ACS) is a software application that automatically dispatches safety and business critical alarms to MOTOTRBO digital radios and other mobile devices. If an "alarm is raised the Alarm Control System will immediately identify the available employees and escalate the alarm until it is acknowledged, resolved and closed...     Alarm Management    
  AudioMate360 VoiceInterop introduces the AM360 line of IP audio gateways that allows you to bring all your various communications networks into one unified group. Patch together iDEN subscribers with conventional VHF or UHF 2-way LMR repeaters. Pick up a telephone and immediately be heard across public address speakers on a large campus as well as on a property protection talkgroup on your trunked radio system.     Interoperability Solution    
  Call24 TURBO Call24 TURBO is the Call24 Interface and operational software that supports Call24 CallBox integration into MOTOTRBO systems. Call24 TURBO provides a quick and easy way to upgrade existing Call24 Mk-I and MK-III CallBoxes to Digital Radio. The software offers enhanced functionality to Motorola's Digital Radios by allowing DTMF Control through the radio channel.     Interoperability Solution    
  c-Bridge c-Bridge is an IP-based, infrasture-based interoperability and wide-area-system networking solution. It provides interoperability between MOTOTRBO, Conventional, P25 conventional and Trunking, LTR Trunking, and Sprint/Nextel. Connections between repeaters and base stations is done over IP connections. These connections can be private IP circuits (fiber, T1, wireless, etc.) or even the internet (DSL connections work very well). Interfacing to repeaters and base stations is done at the station, rather than using control stations. This eliminates problems caused by repeater hang-time, audio levels, and poor audio quality that are associated with interoperability equipment/systems that use control stations for station connectivity.     Interoperability Solution    
  Centralized Lone Worker (CLW) The Centralized Lone Worker Module raises an alarm whenever a radio or mobile phone user does not respond to a regular safety check. The software application automatically sends messages and monitors responses from digital radio and mobile phone users. Centralized Lone Worker regularly sends 'alive check' messages to employees. If an employee fails to respond to the 'alive check' request an emergency alarm is immediately raised to supervisors and support teams.     Man-Down/Lone-Worker    
  CSoft MTRBi Brand new from Telex, the MTRBi radio interface allows Telex C-Soft-equipped consoles to control Motorola© MOTOTRBO™ radio systems, creating a complete MOTOTRBO™ solution.
Scalability. Reliability. Ease-of-use. Performance. Value. The MTRBi combines all of the above to help make your communications more efficient and effective than ever – and all via the industry's most proven and trusted platform: C-Soft.
    Virtual Dispatch    
  DisSpatch Outage Management Software DisSPatch provides tools to restore power to your customers efficiently. DisSPatch can receive and process various inputs for outage analysis, predict locations of outages, manage crews, allow dynamic circuit model changes, and maintain historical data.     Fleet Management    
  ECHO / XRT9000 ECHO is a gateway product that provides connectivity between the Connect Plus XRC9000 and 3rd-party applications     Interoperability Solution    
  eztracker@trbo™ eztracker@trbo™ is a single position application that allows real-time monitoring of your fleet using Google Maps. Tether your base station to any PC and use it for voice calls at the same time. For instance you can: Visualize the individual position of each radio. Monitor if your vehicles are heading into traffic and reroute them appropriately. Log the location of all assets and play them back. Simplest way to bring the value of GPS-tracking & text messaging.     Fleet Management    
  FirstPAGE Gateway SeQent's FirstPAGE Gateway for MOTOTRBO provides a SNPP (IETF RFC 1861) interface to Motorola's MOTOTRBO text messaging interface. Providing an industry standard protocol for the text messaging capabilities of this advanced digital radio system this new product enables any MOTOTRBO handset which is text messaging enabled to fully participate in SeQent's automated plant floor alarm management architecture.     Alarm Management    
  GateHawk Automated Gate Traffic Management. IWO DATA IN: Vehicle & Driver ID, Bills of Lading, Time In/Out, Yard Inventory ID locations, Product types, Digital Image, Laser Measurement, Weight Scale Info. DIGITAL IMAGES: High resolution security images of all vehicles, Images can be measured for product load size or other area and length related requirements. WEIGHT SCALE INTEGRATION: Collects weight scale information, For load payment etc. IWO DATA OUT: Print Scale Info, Contracts for shipping and receiving, Remarks. LASERS: Lasers for load info information can be customized for different site requirements. Presently used for load sample requirements in the forest industry.
PRINTS UPC: Truck cards, Driver Cards, Bills of Lading, Exit Slips. INVENTORY CONTROL: Allows for block and row number receiving and shipping, Manual inventory adjustments. VEHICLE ENTRY & EXIT: UPC Scan Driver card, Truck card and BOL, Wireless options from vehicle available. REPORTS: Stock and customized reports. ACCOUNTS: Load information is linked to accounts for automatic contractor payments.
    Fleet Management    
  GuestWare GuestWare is a unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Guest Experience Management (GEM) software solution designed specifically for the lodging industry to build customer loyalty. Leading hotel management companies use GuestWare at the property and enterprise level to manage guest loyalty, guest recognition, service delivery and the facility. Overall, GuestWare improves guest satisfaction, lowers operating costs, and increases revenues. GuestWare® is installed in more than 700 hotels and resorts worldwide, including those owned and operated by Marriott International, Kimpton Hotel Group, Hyatt Corp., and many independent hotels and resorts.     Work-Order Management    
  GW3-TRBO GW3-TRBO® is the system management tool for MOTOTRBO™ systems created by The Genesis Group. GW3-TRBO is certified and supported by Motorola and is sold directly through Motorola OnLine (MOL). GW3-TRBO allows monitoring, management, and reporting of the MOTOTRBO system for commercial and private system owners and operators. GW3-TRBO works on multiple system types: Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, and Connect Plus (June 2011). This system management software allows users to easily view and monitor live traffic, report on system and subscriber activity, as well as manage and control subscriber usage.     System Management    
  hermes Man Down The hermesTRX system has been enhanced with an Emergency Man Down and Lone Worker function to provide GPS based Lone-worker Supervision using Google Earth as its mapping platform. The hermesTRX Man Down Option Board is designed to be retrofitted into the MOTOROLA range of MOTOTRBO hand portable radios. In the event that an employee becomes injured or falls unconscious a 'man-down' notification is sent immediately to the hermesTRX Dispatch position.     Man-Down/Lone-Worker    
  Hermes Man Down Software The hermes Man Down is a software solution for Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radios that provides an effective Lone Worker monitoring system. The hermes Man Down is an important addition to worker safety programs. It provides lone workers and workers in hazardous environments with a means of calling for help in the event of an emergency and for an automatic alarm generation in the event of a potential man down occurrence     Man-Down/Lone-Worker    
  hermesTRX hermesTRX is a plug-and-play cost effective real time GPS fleet management system using Google™ Earth as its mapping platform. It is configurable through a built-in Web server to track and manage vehicles, persons, assets and even pets by GPS enabled Motorola Radios. In addition to the location service, a text messaging facility and the processing of telemetry is provided.     Fleet Management    
  hermesTRX Guard Control Based on our successful fleet management system, the hermesTRX family has been enhanced to provide both indoor and wide area Guard Control traceability. Not only does this solution provide Guard Control, but it can also be utilized to provide a man down functionality further enhancing the safety of the guard.     Indoor Tracking    
  Hotel Expert HotelEXPERT is developed by Metromedia Software, Inc., which is based in New York City. Our mission is to 'relax' your hotel operation via a simple software platform useful to any employee, whether Steve the General Manager or Charlie the Runner. Metromedia Software, Inc. has migrated its newest version of HotelEXPERT to the .NET platform, WebHotelEXPERT. Enjoy a feature-rich Windows-style application, uniquely intuitive compared to the typical Web applications offered by its competitors. Fit any Budget. WebHotelEXPERT is affordable for hotels, big and small. You may subscribe to modules à la carte. Start simple. Transition to advanced features when ready.     Work-Order Management    
  HotSOS Give Guests the Experience They Want - HotSOS is the ideal tool to help you deliver that experience. A clean room, hot water, and an on-time wake up call are essentials. But that's where the experience begins. Guests want to feel at home. They want to be recognized. They want you to anticipate their needs and react swiftly to their requests.     Work-Order Management    
  iDEN Turbo The iDEN Turbo is an innovative application for the MotoTRBO communication system. It provides a communication link between any IDEN network and MotoTRBO through BridgeCom's TL-NET system.     Interoperability Solution    
  Indoor Positioning System (IPS) The Indoor Positioning System locates and tracks people and assets inside a building. The solution provides real-time location data of radio and mobile phones users using Bluetooth beacons connected to a LAN. Indoor Positioning can be used in conjunction with the Alarm Control System to route emergency notification messages to a person according to his or her location within a building. For example, a fire alarm triggered in a specifc building can be routed to a radio user within that building to minimize response time. Bluetooth Positioning Beacons installed in key locations of a facility allow organizations to track and position any Bluetooth device (such as mobile phones, Bluetooth-enabled digital radios and tags) inside buildings.     Indoor Tracking    
  iTalkie DS: Dispatch Console iTalkie™/DS is a dispatch console that allows operators to reach users via voice or text either individually or as part of a group. It offers an innovative, faster and easier to use point and click user interface based on double click to call, hangup and reply. For instance you can: Individually and transparently reach radios, PDAs and PC clients. Click on a single button to privately reply to the last caller. Playback the last incoming group call. Double click on the name of PDA or PC to make a full-duplex, phone-like intercom call. Double-click on the history of incoming calls to call back. Double-click on the history of recevied text messages to reply. Monitor and control (change channels) control stations iTalkie™/DS scales as much as neded and can support an unlimited number of users and control stations.     Virtual Dispatch    
  iTalkie PI: phone@trbo The iTalkie™/PI system allows radios to connect to corporate office phone systems (PBX) or even the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Incoming calls can be to individual or groups of radios. For instance you can: Pre-program a button to make emergency 911 calls.
Transfer calls to security guard's radios while away from their desk. Use the company's phone system to dial a specific radio or talkgroup. Make emergency calls to the AllCall talkgroup.
    Interoperability Solution    
  iTalkie RG: Radio Gateway iTalkie™/Radio Gateway is a multi-function software application to extend the functionality of the iTalkie™ solution, turning it into a powerful, flexible and affordable voice and text dispatch and email gateway application. For instance you can: Exchange voice calls and text messages between your mobile computer, PC dispatch console and 2-way radios! Exchange text messages between email users and your mobile computer, PC dispatch console and 2-way radios!
Record all voice calls and text messages on your mobile and fixed devices as well as 2-way radios! Interface it to your nursecall or automated SCADA controller to send notification pages (text messages) to computer and radio users! Control your radios (e.g. change channel) from your fixed or even mobile console! Share one radio between multiple users or control multiple radio from a single dispatch interface
    Interoperability Solution    
  Keystone Dispatch & GPS Keystone Dispatch provides everything you need to schedule & track your trucks on one screen. Updates your vehicle location and relays vehicle number, heading, speed, and location by longitude and latitude to your screen. Identifies the amount of time needed to complete a job, helps identify training and motivational opportunities, eliminates side trips and non-job related stops.     Fleet Management    
  LTR/Passport Software Software to load into the MOTOTRBO(TM) Expansion Card, allowing LTR/PassPort operation.     Interoperability Solution    
  neoConneX Client/Server application. Server supports up to 100 client connections with Windows based client. Clients capable of text messaging and GPS tracking. Web Based archive reporting tools. Optional neoConneX Web ASP.NET web based mapping solution. Only Fleet Management solution for Connect Plus TODAY!     Fleet Management    
  neoNytro Advanced Messaging & AVL neoNytro is a premium PC based application for the Motorola MOTOTRBO two way radio platform. Combining messaging, AVL and telemetry with the Motorola Automatic Registration Service (ARS) makes a full featured application. neoNytro Enterprise is a PC based client/server solution with similar features to neoNytro combining messaging, AVL and telemetry with the Motorola Automatic Registration Service (ARS) makes a full featured application.     Fleet Management    
  OpsCentral A robust full-featured solution that enhances personnel accountability, OpsCentral has been designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind. From the start we took into account the needs of the incident commander. This is not a desktop application converted for mobile use; it was designed from the start to work on a laptop in the field. Touchscreen laptops, unreliable network connectivity, hectic incident scenes and un-trained users were all taken into account.     Fleet Management    
  RBX+ Plus Phone Bridge The Teldio Phone Bridge application provides organizations with a healthy alternative to cellular and WiFi solutions for their mobile work force. While staying connected in any location is paramount, Phone Bridge delivers the same cellular functionality directly to the mobile worker's radio leveraging existing radio and telephony infrastructure in a whole new way.     Expansion Card Solution    
  RouteHawk ROUTEHAWK serves industries on the move. Suitable for moving and tracking machines of every kind. Customization is available for all vehicle types, and is suitable for forestry, resources,
    Fleet Management    
  SafeDispatch 4.0 SafeDispatch for MOTOTRBO provides all the necessary means to effectively track and monitor mobile assets by adding the features and capabilities of the software application to the functionality embedded in the radio. SafeDispatch is the client-hosted software application that enables customers to host and manage their display solution on their own computer without incurring any monthly fees associated with web-based applications.     Fleet Management    
  SafeDispatch LITE SafeDispatch LITE is enhanced with text messaging capability that allows for SMS communication between the radio and the dispatcher. The dispatcher can send messages to any radio or group of radios and can also receive messages from radios in a dedicated Inbox and Outbox screen in SafeDispatch LITE.
The most popular features such as create, delete, forward and predefine text messages are available just a click away.The E-mail Module allows radios to send messages to any email address and to receive messages sent from an email address. This function enables the dispatcher to communicate with the staff from his computer at home without having to run the SafeDispatch LITE application from his computer.
    Email Gateway    
  SafeNet SafeNet is SafeMobile's web-based software application that provides fleet managers with the ability to effectively manage and monitor their organization's mobile assets via an Internet connected computer anywhere in the world, using a standard browser.     Fleet Management    
  SafeNet Enterprise for Connect Plus SafeNet for MOTOTRBO provides all the necessary means to effectively track and monitor mobile assets by adding the features and capabilities of the software application to the functionality embedded in the radio. SafeNet is the web-based software application that enables dispatchers to monitor their fleet by simply logging into their account through the secure SafeMobile website.     Fleet Management    
  Scout Scout is the first console system to offer true "wire-line" connectivity to MOTOTRBO infrastructure via IP, rather than inferior "RF control station" interfaces. Scout V1.8 is available today with support for MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect (Conventional). Avtec is now quoting Scout systems for Connect Plus (Multi-site Trunking) applications. Please contact Sales for more details.     Virtual Dispatch    
  SimpleEmailGateway Simple Email Gateway for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ series two-way radios allows exchanging emails between MOTOTRBO™ digital radios and any device capable of sending and receiving email. The program will run on any PC with Windrows XP or higher. Due to the MOTOTRBO™ data services architecture Simple Email Gateway should be run under administrative login. Typically the program installation takes under 1 minute. Your PC configuration will NOT be changed. Most MOTOTRBO™ parameters are configured automatically. If you know how to set up email accounts in Microsoft; Outlook® or Mozilla ThunderBird®, then you are qualified enough to handle Simple Email Gateway. There is no need to go through multi-volume manuals - Simple Email Gateway lives up to its name. Just in case you like reading manuals - Simple Email Gateway comes with built-in on-line help. Once installed and configured, Simple Email Gateway can be minimized onto the system tray to free up desktop real estate.     Email Gateway    
  Sprite - TW200 Telematics Dongle The Sprite™ TW200 by Tallysman Wireless adds extensive intelligent autonomous GPS reporting capabilities to MOTOTRBO™ professional digital Two-Way radio systems. It features tools to greatly optimize channel traffic usage and to increase system performance, such as arrival time reporting (waypoints), proof-of-service (high rate position report-logging) and vehicle utilization monitoring (odometer, idle-time and speed). As well it provides efficient transmission of logged events and current position-reports.     Fleet Management    
  Sprite - TW250 Telematics GOB Software With Sprite™ TW250 Software installed onto the MOTOTRBO™ Expansion Board*, the radio becomes a highly cost effective, fully featured Telematics platform. It provides extensive capabilities such as, GPS event driven reports, including waypoint reporting and GPS position with PTT ID. The Sprite™ TW250 Software for MOTOTRBO™ adds autonomous, controllable and intelligent GPS reporting features to MOTOTRBO™ professional digital Two-Way radio systems. It features tools to greatly optimize channel traffic usage and to increase system performance. Such as, arrival time reporting (waypoints), and vehicle utilization monitoring (odometer and speed), as well it provides efficient transmission of events and current position-reports, and it virtually eliminates the need for out-polling.     Expansion Card Solution    
  Sprite - TW251 Man-down/Lone-worker GOB Software The Sprite™ TW251 is a software solution for Motorola hand portable MOTOTRBO™ radios* that provides an effective Lone-Worker monitoring system. The Sprite™ TW251 is an important addition to worker safety programs. It provides lone-workers and workers in hazardous environments with means to call for help in the event of an emergency and for automatic alarm generation in the event of a potential man down occurrence.     Man-Down/Lone-Worker    
  StreetTrek StreetTrek™ is software solution for effective real time vehicles, people or assets tracking utilizing popular GSM/GPRS hardware, including Enfora® MT-GL modems, and GPS-capable two-way radio models, including Motorola MOTOTRBO™ series radio models. StreetTrek™ runs on it's own - no general purpose browser like Internet Explorer is involved. GPS Data can be obtained from a local source or received over the Internet. Need to stay in touch with your fleet while out of office? No problem - StreetTrek™ offers solutions that will run on a PDA or a SmartPhone with Windows Mobile 5 OS or higher.
Using StreetTrek™ is simple and intuitive - no training required. Vehicles or Persons are represented by realistically looking graphics. You can even use graphics of your own choice and/or design. Icon labels can change background color to indicate telemetry or emergency conditions. Multiple maps can be opened in separate windows. You can use dual monitors to overview the whole fleet on one display and follow several vehicles in separate individually scalable maps on a second display. Users can enhance their maps with custom labeled landmarks.
    Fleet Management    
  StreetTrek Connect Plus Server       Fleet Management    
  StreetTrek Explorer Similar to StreetTrek™ but uses GoogleMaps to unlock powerful features like satellite view, traffic updates, street level view, and more!     Fleet Management    
  SynergyMMS SynergyMMS is the next step in the evolution of Maintenance Management Products. Hailed as the ultimate solution for today's mobile and multilingual workforce, SynergyMMS offers tools that help your staff work together without increasing demands on their time. Behind the scenes intelligence allows the program to direct the flow of activity and keeps your staff constantly working toward the solution. It's about efficiency. It's about solving the problem. It's about time.     Work-Order Management    
  text@TRBO text@trbo™ is a text email gateway for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ radios. It allows 2-way radio users to send, receive and reply to emails as text messages.     Email Gateway    
  TL-NET Turbo TL-NET Turbo is an innovative application for the MotoTRBO communication system. It provides a communication link between any radio system and MotoTRBO through BridgeCom Systems TL-NET system.     Interoperability Solution    
  TrAVL MAX TrAVL MAX software offers fleet and fixed asset management for Connect Plus & IP Site Connect users. The software application installs on your customer's PC adn includes features such as: high-def mapping, unit texting, real-time unit tracking, geofence and speed limit management with alert notification.     Fleet Management    
  TrAVL PRO TrAVL PRO is server software that offers fleet and fixed asset management for Connect Plus & IP Site Connect. The software application installs on your web accessible server.     Fleet Management    
  TRBO Battery Check This APP allows the indentification of MoTOTRBO battery level, through sound BIPs.     Expansion Card Solution    
  TRBO Password Allow a portable MOTOTRBO radio, with or without keypad to run exclusively after password insertion.     Expansion Card Solution    
  TRBO Safe Worker Allow the portable MOTOTRBO radio, with or without keypad, to remotely monitor the user, enabling verification of user emergency situation, or lack thereof. Monitoring can be user idle or timer check.     Man-Down/Lone-Worker    
  TRBO Security Route Allow the portable MOTOTRBO radio, without keypad to run the ONLINE SECURITY ROUTE. The radio has a proximity radio frequency reader/writer that reads a TAG when activated by the user. Data such as TAG ID, radio TAG, time and date of reading and user ID are sent to a central, allowing on-line security route management.     Indoor Tracking    
  TRBO Timer & Inventory Allow exclusive operation of MOTOTRBO radio within a desired time period. Also allow remote conference in day in which radio is used. This function also allows inventory of equipment in use.     Expansion Card Solution    
  TrboDVR Trbo DVR ™ is specifically designed to meet the requirements of organizations that need to record radio system voice traffic. Trbo DVR ™ supports multiple IP site connect systems, single digital repeater systems and capacity plus systems. Trbo DVR ™ can play streaming audio and record all voice traffic. Recorded messages can be archived, searched,retrieved and played back at a later date. Trbo DVR ™ Voice storage is highly compressed to easily archive and create a history.     Voice & Data Recorders    
  TRBOnet Enterprise TRBOnet is a PC based client-server dispatcher software application for MOTOTRBO™. TRBOnet was built from the ground up specifically for the MOTOTRBO radio system, TRBOnet offers Features no one else does and is leading the edge of MOTOTRBO™ based applications.     Virtual Dispatch    
  TURBO•X TURBO•X is a fixed or mobile interoperability solution for MOTOTRBO™. TURBO•X, from Trident Micro Systems, allows rapid connection of up to four radios providing instant connectivity with MOTOTRBO™ digital radio systems. TURBO•X is ideal for use in emergency vehicles or on site applications that employ multiple radio platforms.     Interoperability Solution    
  TurboConnect Cable Allows Analog Two-Way Radios to speak with MOTOTRBOTM Digital Two-Way Radios. No need for an EXPENSIVE hardware solution. Works with UHF, VHF, 800 MOTOTRBOTM Analog and Digital Two-Way Radios. Conventional and LTR TurboConnectTM cables available. Installs and configures in minutes. LTR Cable requires radio modification     Interoperability Solution    
  TurboVui Dispatch TurboVUi Dispatch offers a console-type solution for applications requiring connection to many MOTOTRBO radios (control stations) from a single user interface. The control stations can be scattered among different locations, or centrally located. The intuitive user interface minimizes learning time and maximizes a User's efficiency. TurboVUi Dispatch systems include TurboVUi IP Gateway Hardware, Dispatch Software, and one-time Licensing.     Virtual Dispatch    
  TurboVui Solo TurboVUi provides remote access for MOTOTRBO radio systems using IP.     Virtual Dispatch    
  VersaTrans Product Suite Our Versatrans student transportation management solutions help you manage tasks, including efficient route building, field trip scheduling, fleet maintenance management, GPS data collection, retrieval and utilization as well as 'what-if' scenarios to assist in planning for the future. With Versatrans, you can safely transport students and staff to and from their educational programs on time and on budget.     Fleet Management    
  WAVE WAVE for MOTOTRBO is a software-based solution designed to eliminate the challenges of implementing RoIP. It is designed specifically to take advantage of MOTOTRBO's rich feature set, such as man down alarms, text messaging and GPS, by exposing all of the system's features to the user via a user-friendly interface. This same interface allows console operators to set-up and participate in private, group or broadcast calls to MOTOTRBO radio users, or to interface with an analog or IP phone system – another unique capability not currently available without using WAVE with a MOTOTRBO system.     Virtual Dispatch    
  ZapMail zapMail is an email to text gateway for the MOTOTRBO™ professional digital two way radio system.     Email Gateway    
  zz - AirShark - CANCELED CANCELED     System Management    
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