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Tri-County Communications provides the communication tools that lets your organization do their best - IN THE MOMENTS THAT MATTER!

Emergency Services – Our region depends upon a dedicated and motivated community of emergency services personnel. In fire or flood, personal peril or medical trauma, these volunteers and professionals are on the job 24/7. They rely on the network of rugged base stations and mobile radios in their vehicles or at their sides to respond immediately to our life-critical situations. Tri-County Communications builds, supplies, and maintains the Motorola Solutions technology that makes this possible.

Critical Infrastructure – Natural gas and electricity warm our homes and power our business and industry. Roads and airways connect us. Wherever you go in the greater Binghamton area, chances are that those who insure the delivery of our power and who maintain our highways and skyways rely on Motorola radio systems supplied and maintained by Tri-County Communications.

Education – Whether primary, secondary, or colleges and universities – radios are the communication tool that maintenance departments use to provide a secure and comfortable learning environment. Bus fleets rely upon their radios to transport our children safely. Radio communications are the invisible nervous system for our schools, and leading edge technology from Motorola – supplied by Tri-County Communications – is the frequent choice

Industry and Business – Whether your organization has a fleet of 3 service vans or facilities that cover acres, you rely upon wireless communications to coordinate and control a mobile workforce. Tri-County Communications helps everyone – from plumbing contractors to aircraft manufacturers, from saw mills to distribution centers – to implement the Motorola technologies that keep their operations moving smoothly and efficiently. 

Tri-County Communications has enabled the wireless workforce in the Southern Tier since 1978 as a Motorola Solutions Authorized Service Center and two-way communications dealer.

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We Bridge the Gaps to Keep you in Touch:

Walkie-Talkies – Connect a maintenance crew or the administrative staff around a facility

Vehicle Radios – Coordinate and control your teams throughout your market area.

Wireless Links – Connect computer or phone networks across the street or across the County.

IP Links to Radio – Stay in touch with your mobile workforce when you’re on the road.

Digital Radios – Unparalleled voice clarity; secure from unauthorized monitoring, greater range.

GPS – Know the location of all your vehicles at a glance

Fire Safety – Speed the responders to the exact location by transmitting fire alarm data to their radios.

Production – Maximize uptime when production equipment problems are transmitted directly to maintenance staff.