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Communicate Without Using Your Hands

Touchless communication solutions are becoming more and more popular in medical settings. Before the current pandemic, these kinds of instruments were already becoming commonplace. Recent government rules and shifting consumer expectations have made it more important than ever for doctors to impress their patients using touchless communication devices.

What are tools for touchless communication? Basically, these tools make it possible for medical staff, patients, and other healthcare providers to plan and discuss consultations, procedures, and payments while maintaining social distance standards. Not only that, it allows surgeons to perform more meticulously without the distraction of hand held devices.

One of these devices is Tri-County Communications ( Touch-Free Wireless, SnapLock Earpiece Base 1 Wire Touch-Free PTT/Mic. w/ Touch-Free Wrist Band (SL1W-TF). With Touch-Free PTT, you can activate the PTT with a bracelet instead of your hands. Ideal for “hands-free” applications in the medical business as well as many other industries like industrial, mechanical, food, and chemical.

The Tri-County Snaplock System is the answer for workplaces with a high user population but few available radios. The switchable earpiece is a crucial component. The connected cable with PTT stays with the radio, while the earpiece is swapped out at shift change, providing a hygienic solution to employee usage. High quality speech tuned microphone provides crystal clear communication.

Healthcare facilities can have some of their staff members work remotely thanks to touchless communication. It also develops fresh strategies for avoiding placing clients in hazardous situations that could endanger their health. These techniques for communication also demonstrate to clients that their service are willing to confront evolving public health issues and are aware of them.

Touchless communication transforms the medical office environment and gives nurses, dentists, and doctors a stunningly contemporary workspace. Communicate without using your hands is essential for medical offices and sets the standard that all medical professionals should adapt.