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HALO Smart System

Improve Security for Privacy Concern Areas

The IPVideo Corporation’s HALO Smart Sensor (HALO) is a real-time vaping detector and security device that aids in the detection of potentially important events in privacy issue areas such as environmental changes, air quality changes (due to particulate matter), and excessive noise levels. This sophisticated sensor can identify chemicals, vaping, smoking, variations in noise levels, and fighting and bullying signs.

By integrating HALO with Avigilon Control Center (ACC), it is possible to secure people and places even in locations where video security solutions are not allowed. This keeps facilities informed of potentially crucial incidents that may have gone completely unreported otherwise. Users will be alerted in ACC once HALO detects a threat. Security guards or administrators will then be able to quickly respond and apprehend the situation.


Vape and THC Detection, Air Quality Monitoring, Aggression Detection and Help Requests, Gunshot Detection, Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases, Chemical and Gas Detection, and Vandalism and Trespassing Alerts can all be assisted by a single HALO sensor.

Get instant notifications if the sensor identifies an ACC anomaly. The nearest camera to the HALO sensor will pull up a live feed in ACC each time the sensor triggers. Operators and administrators can then respond to the problem right away, pinpoint a specific person, and take appropriate action.

delivers data analytics and integrates into a larger security system to track violation alarm rates.

Prevent smoke particles and poor air quality-related damage and associated cleaning costs.

*Currently not available in India, Russia, South Africa, and South Korea.